Traditional Craft Centre
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Traditional Craft Centre is financed from The European Union Programme for Croatia, IPA Component IV – Human Resources Development, Local Partnership for Employment – Phase 3.

Project Duration: January 2011. – January 2012.

Tourism industry growth as the key development driver of the County is emphasized as one of the strategic goals in Lika-Senj Strategic Development Programme. Under this strategic goal of County Strategic Development Programme emphasized development of selective types of tourism and tourist offer which is based on sustainable development and protection of cultural, natural and traditional heritage as basic resources for tourism development. Traditional Craft Centre project is focused on building and strengthening tourist potential of the county rural areas using great potential of local rural population which is unemployed or inactive in the labour market as well as using existing knowledge and skills in traditional crafts production.

The main objective will be achieved by realization of the following specific objective: to establish Traditional Craft Centre as a permanent support to empower long-term unemployed and inactive rural population in Lika-Senj County as well as strengthening and stimulating traditional crafts producers for mutual and economically sustainable activities in tourism and to promote and revitalize traditional heritage. 

This specific objective of the project will be obtained by establishing the Centre in order to give quality information, provide assistance in topics linked to traditional heritage and create a strong network of all relevant stakeholders from public, private and civil (third) sector as well as with private producers. The Centre will ensure a common platform for broad and efficient activities regarding traditional heritage in the County.


Expected project results and activities:

1. Established and promoted Traditional Craft Centre in Lika-Senj County
2. 15 Trainers from project target group trained in production, business development, marketing, promotion and role of traditional heritage and craft products in rural tourism
3. 30 Persons from project target groups with knowledge about traditional crafts from rural households trained in business development, marketing, promotion and role of traditional heritage and craft products in rural tourism 
4. 30 Persons from project target groups without experience in traditional craft production empowered and trained for production 
5. Traditional heritage and crafts from Lika-Senj County, important for tourism offer creation, identified, promoted and positioned on the tourist market.

Project partners

The project is conducted by the project partners GTF - Regional Center for Gender Equality, as the main project partner, the Regional Education Center "Primus FORTISSIMUS", NGO "Gačanka" and Croatian Employment Service, Regional Office Gospić, project associate the Croatian Chamber of Economy, County Chamber Otočac. City of Otočac provided the Traditional Centre facilities, while the project included the Veterans' Associations "Glavičica" which will provide logistical support in the implementation. Through structure of cooperation between local stakeholders, the project will provide a unique example of association in order to achieve mutual success, enabling the development of human capacity and economic development of rural areas.

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